Kind Teen Saves Orphaned Squirrels In The Middle Of Evacuating From Hurricane

What a hero 👏

Last month, after Hurricane Ida struck New Orleans, 15-year-old Bailee Villavaso and her family were forced to evacuate the city.

But even amidst her own ordeal, Villavaso found the time to lend a hand to a few tiny souls whose lives were turned upside down by the powerful storm.

It all began when she spotted a nest on the ground.

Bailee Villavaso

Turns out, the hurricane force winds had caused a squirrel nest to tumble from a tree to the grass below. Inside were three baby squirrels, but their mother was nowhere to be found.

Villavaso knew she had to help. She ran home and got a box and a towel before coming to the rescue.

“I dried off the squirrels with the towel and put them in the box with bedding,” Villavaso told The Dodo. “The squirrels were extremely lethargic, and huddled up to stay warm.”

But the kindhearted teen did more than just bring them in from the cold.

Bailee Villavaso

Villavaso reached out to a family member who’s a veterinarian to learn how to feed the baby squirrels.

And with that, Villavaso officially became the squirrels’ adoptive mom — and they seemed to know it.

Bailee Villavaso

“Once the squirrels had eaten, they started to gain energy. After about 24 hours, they perked up enough to run and play,” Villavaso said. “The squirrels started climbing and running on me.”

Villavaso named them Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

Bailee Villavaso

When Villavaso and her family evacuated, she took the squirrels with her, keeping them safe and fed along the way.

Her efforts are clearly appreciated.

Bailee Villavaso

Villavaso knows that raising orphaned squirrels is a job best left to professionals, so she’s doing her best to make arrangements.

“I have reached out to some animal rehabbers, but was told they were overwhelmed with squirrels after the hurricane,” she said. “I will continue to reach out to animal rehab centers.”

In the meantime, while she and many others displaced by the hurricane work to get back on their feet, Villavaso is happy to be looking out for the babies she rescued as well.

Bailee Villavaso

“I am definitely an animal lover!” Villavaso said.