Kindhearted Street Sweeper Caught Making A Stray Dog's Day

She was so grateful ❤️

Making the world a happier place doesn’t cost a thing.

All it takes is a kind heart — and, in this case, a broom.


In a sweet video posted to Twitter, a street sweeper was caught taking a little break from his typical duties. Having run across a seemingly stray dog, lounging peacefully in his path, the sweeper decided to stop.

Using his broom as an oversized brush, he showered the pup with pets — perhaps the first she’s received in ages.

And just like that, her day was made.

It’s unclear when or where the scene was filmed, evidently by an onlooker from a window overhead. But those missing details hardly detract from the specialness of that moment.

No matter the time or place, spreading happiness is always welcome.