Kindhearted Kids Come To The Rescue Of Raccoon Who Was Buried Alive

"My boys were very adamant that we had to save the animal.”

Earlier this week, Dray McMillon and his two sons, 14-year-old Daiton and 12-year-old Rylen, arrived to their home in Texas after a family outing. With just a few hours left of daylight, the two boys decided go exploring in the woods nearby.

Along the way, Daiton and Rylen came across several animal burrows — one of which had collapsed. But it hadn’t been empty.

“They spotted a raccoon around 2 to 3 feet down in the hole. Only his head and front legs were exposed,” McMillon told The Dodo. “The boys immediately called me and told me what they had found.”

The burrow collapse had caused the raccoon to be buried alive.

Dray McMillon

It’s unclear exactly how long the raccoon had been stuck there, unable to escape the hole. But Daiton and Rylen had found him in time — and they knew they had to help.

They ran home and got their dad, leading him to the spot.

“When I arrived, the raccoon was gasping for air,” McMillon said. “It was very sad to see this animal struggle. My boys were very adamant that we had to save the animal.”

Using a shovel and their hands, McMillon and his sons carefully worked to dig the raccoon out. As night fell, they called the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, who sent volunteers to assist.

And working together to save his life, the desperate raccoon was finally freed:

Fortunately, aside from exhaustion, the raccoon was healthy enough to be released shortly after. Daiton and Rylen looked on as the animal they'd worked so hard to save walked away from the spot, alive and free — thanks to them.

“I could see the sense of accomplishment in my boys,” McMillon said. “They were very excited that the animal was released safely.”

Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Things would likely have ended much differently for the raccoon had Daiton and Rylen not found him and insisted on saving his life. They’re just grateful to have been at the right place and time to help.

“When we got back to the house, they shared their excitement with me,” McMillon said. “I could tell this would be something they would never forget.”