Kindhearted Hen Caught 'Incubating' A Very Unlikely Baby

“This was a very unusual rescue but also a very cute one!”

The other day, rescuers from the Scottish SPCA were dispatched to the scene of an adorably odd occurrence on a farm in the town of Tayport.

It came after the farm’s owner discovered one their chickens had opened her heart to a wild baby in need.

Scottish SPCA

“We received a call from a member of the public who advised a squirrel had been coming into their hen house and sleeping under a chicken for several days,” Beth Galbraith, a rescuer officer from the Scottish SPCA, said in a press release.

The circumstances leading up this odd arrangement aren’t exactly clear, but Galbraith has a theory:

“The squirrel kit had likely been separated from his mother and had been seeking warmth and comfort from the hen.”

Scottish SPCA

Remarkably, though she could have driven him away in his search for a safe haven, the squirrel's adoptive mom seemed to embrace her role as his caretaker, "incubating" him as she would her natural offspring.

“The hen wasn’t fussed at all with the new addition!” Galbraith said.

However, knowing that the young squirrel would need more care and attention than the hen could provide, Galbraith transported him to a wildlife hospital. When the time is right, he’ll be released back into the wild — a second chance at a life owed, in no small part, to a kindhearted chicken.

“This was a very unusual rescue,” Galbraith said, “but also a very cute one!”