Kind Officer Helps Mama Duck And Her Babies Cross A Busy Road

"Many cars slowed and yelled ‘thank you.’”

When a mother duck in Arizona decided to take her ducklings across a busy road, she didn’t think much of it. She’d crossed many streets before, so this should’ve been easy. Once she started on her way, though, she realized her babies were no longer behind her.

Officer helps ducks cross the road.
Casey Walag

The mama duck tried her best to get her ducklings to safety, but there were far too many cars passing through. A Good Samaritan spotted the worried duck and realized she needed help.

“I saw the mama duck pacing,” Casey Walag told The Dodo. “I looked down and saw all of her baby ducks were stuck in the turn lane of a very busy road. They couldn't hop onto the median where the mama duck was.”

You can watch the duck family get to safety here:

Walag sprang into action and called the police to help the frantic mother get everyone across the road safely.

“They came fairly quickly and rescued them,” Walag said. “Many cars slowed and yelled ‘thank you’ to the officer as he shuffled the baby ducks around the median. Traffic stopped on that other side for them to cross.”

A Mother duck and her babies cross the road.
Casey Walag

Once safely across, he scooped them up and placed them on the sidewalk.

“They walked into the grassy neighborhood next to the street,” Walag said. “We have a lot of ponds and water in our area, so we hoped they made it to one of them safely.”

From there, Walag and the other passersby waved at the kind officer to show their thanks while the ducks waddled out of sight.

“I was so happy they were all safe,” Walag said.