Kid Tells His Mom There's A Monster Under His Bed — And He's Not Exactly Wrong

“He was pretty matter-of-fact about it."

When Jeni Koyle’s 4-year-old son mentioned a monster under his bed, she was surprised. Kids don’t usually complain about monsters during the day — and it was 11 a.m.

“He didn't seem too scared — more fascinated,” Koyle told The Dodo. “He was pretty matter-of-fact about it, like, ‘I'm hearing this noise, and this is the most logical conclusion as to the cause of the noise.’”

Koyle went to her son’s room to check out the source of the mysterious noise and found that the “monster” was none other than their rescue cat, Sis.

Cat pretends to be a monster under the bed
Jeni Koyle

When Koyle found Sis as a tiny kitten in rural Idaho, she knew she had to bring her home.

“I wouldn't normally think twice about a feral kitten, but she was different,” Koyle said. “I could tell she had a special personality even then, and we bonded right away.”

Jeni Koyle

Sis has a close relationship with Koyle’s two young sons. The cat is always with them — running alongside their stroller during walks or snuggling with them in bed. “She's really like a sister to them,” Koyle said. “They act like regular siblings. Sometimes they irritate the ever-living hell out of each other, and sometimes they have the time of their lives playing. But no matter what, they're always looking out for each other.”

Jeni Koyle

Sis spends most of her nights sleeping in bed with Koyle’s 4-year-old.

But this night, Sis decided to investigate the mattress and ended up stuck between the box spring and the plastic cover.

Cat gets stuck under bed
Jeni Koyle

The furry monster was running around under the box spring trying to find a way out, and luckily, hadn't eaten any plastic. When Koyle showed her son what was going on under his bed, he was relieved.

“When I looked under there and saw Sis, we all had a good laugh," Koyle said. "We still have no idea how she got in."

Jeni Koyle

Koyle managed to get Sis out of her hiding spot and reminded the mischievous kitty that she’s supposed to protect her brother from things that go bump in the night — not be one.