Junk Removal Man Arrives At Job To Find Someone Scaly Has Been Left Behind

“I got sick to my stomach.”

Ryan Dahmm almost didn’t take the job. When he recently got a call that there was an abandoned apartment that needed to be cleaned out, Dahmm, who runs Property Solutions & Junk Removal LLC, wasn’t sure if he’d make it over. But eventually, Dahmm and his wife, Samantha, found time and headed to the scene to check it out.

As soon as they arrived, the Dahmms realized something was wrong. Someone had been left behind.

“We opened the front door and instantly went to the tank that was in the back corner of the room covered in boxes,” Dahmm told The Dodo.

room with boxes
Ryan Dahmm

As they approached, the Dahmms confirmed their suspicions — a brown-and-black snake was alone, balled up in the corner of the tank. The couple couldn’t believe the little girl had been left behind.

“I got sick to my stomach and called the property owner,” Dahmm said.

Ryan Dahmm

Dahmm, who’s not a fan of snakes, quickly put his fears aside. Luckily, Samantha, who has experience with animal rescues, knew what to do. Once they confirmed with the property owner that the snake had been abandoned, the couple took the scaly girl home and gave her food and water.

Soon, thanks to Samantha’s animal rescue connections, the Dahmms found an experienced foster parent who was more than happy to house the wayward snake.

“The snake is now living its best life,” Dahmm said. “She got a new tank, bedding and light.”

Ryan Dahmm

The snake will live with her foster family until she’s ready to move to a permanent home. In the meantime, she’s finally relaxing, surely feeling grateful that the Dahmms happened to find her that day.