Jaw-Dropping Video Shows Large Dog Lifted From The Ground By A Whirlwind

"He’s been coined Duke the Flying Dog at our house."

This is Duke — a happy-go-lucky dog who loves nothing more than the great outdoors, a fun game of fetch and taking car rides with his favorite stuffed toy.

But recently, much to his family’s surprise, Duke was taken on a different kind of ride altogether.

Brittany Wampler

The other day, Duke was playing with his brothers and sisters outside their home in Virginia when some windy weather began blowing through. It wasn’t gusty enough to end their fun immediately — but no one expected what happened next.

Duke’s mom, Brittany Wampler, was at work at the time. She heard about it from her kids.
“Duke went for a ride in a tornado!” they reported.

Understandably, Wampler thought her kids were joking. But then she watched the video:

Sure enough, a neighbor's security camera had captured the moment that a strong whirl of wind, also known as a dust devil, lifted 70-pound Duke fully off the ground and spun him around. Wampler was in disbelief.

"I just couldn’t quit watching," Wampler told The Dodo. "[To say I was] shocked would probably be an understatement."

Fortunately, Duke wasn't injured, just a little shaken. But the whole gang decided it was best to head inside anyway to wait out the wind.

"My other Lab, Pierce, was there for support if needed," Wampler said.

Brittany Wampler

Duke's always been a cherished member of the Wampler family, but his unbelievable run-in with the "tornado" has taken him to new heights of love and admiration.

"He’s been coined Duke the Flying Dog at our house. The kids joke about buying him a cape," Wampler said, adding: "But I’m OK if he never takes flight again."