Finding The Real Dog In This Video Is Way Harder Than It Should Be

Can you find her? 🕵️‍♀️

For Kakoa’s fourth birthday, her parents bought a ton of blow-up dogs and set them up for her surprise party. It was just supposed to be a fun, silly gesture — but it ended up leading to the greatest game of hide-and-seek ever played.

Once the birthday festivities were done with, Kakoa’s parents decided to keep the blow-up dogs around. They thought the fake dogs might be fun to have to make videos with Kakoa and her sister, Sky.

One day, they had the idea to have Sky hide alongside them and see if people could find the real dog amongst all the fake ones. Considering how fake the blow-up toys look, it really shouldn’t have been that hard — but as people soon discovered, it absolutely was.

Sky picked a spot and her parents panned the camera across the sea of dogs. People went into the challenge pretty confident they could find Sky and emerged a little sheepish when it took them way longer than they thought it would. Apparently, finding a real husky in a pile of fake ones is harder than it seems. Either that or Sky is just a really good hider.

Having trouble spotting her? Here’s a little help:

find the dog

The family also has a video of Kakoa hiding with the fake dogs, but unfortunately, her hide-and-seek skills aren’t as advanced as Sky’s. Maybe her sister can give her a few pointers.

Trying to find Sky’s hiding spot is such a fun challenge, and hopefully, her family will make more videos of her hiding for people to try and solve.

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