Interview With High-Ranking Official Gets Adorably Derailed By His Cat

Is now a bad time? 😺

As deputy minister at the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs and a former member of parliament, Anton Herashchenko is no small player in the nation’s politics.

But evidently at home, he's still subservient to a cat.

Anton Herashchenko

This week, Herashchenko sat for an interview on Ukrainian television — his unsmiling face projected onto an enormous screen, filling the studio with a rather somber air.

However, that didn’t last for long.

Smack-dab in the middle of the serious discussion, a tail appeared on-screen. It was Herashchenko’s cat summoning him for attention. And with that, the straight-laced interview was pleasantly derailed.

The interview seems to have carried on as normal after that, but as a high-ranking official, Herashchenko apparently felt compelled to better introduce the cat for whom he serves behind the scenes.

Anton Herashchenko

“Yesterday, our treasure, the cat Winston, or rather his tail, accidentally became a screen star,” Herashchenko wrote in a post. “[He] climbed to my table, in his usual effortless manner, to ask for his usual portion of attention.”

Herashchenko then went on to describe Winston as an “aristocrat,” before expressing his love for animals and linking to a local animal shelter with the suggestion that his followers consider making a donation to help other cats like him.

Winston, it seems, really does pull the strings.