Husband Goes To Groomers And Comes Home With The Wrong Dog

He had no idea 😂

It was a simple enough task, yet this well-meaning dad named Rudy Salazar still managed to miss the mark. 

The other day, Rudy’s wife CoCo asked him to pick up their adorable white pup, BooBear, from the groomers where she’d dropped him off earlier. And that’s what he did.

Well, sorta.

When her husband arrived home with the little dog in his arms, CoCo noticed something rather strange. The haircut BooBear had been given seemed to have transformed his appearance into that of an entirely different pup. 

But, turns out, there was actually a really good reason for that.

Dad had grabbed the wrong dog.

Here’s video taken moments after the truth was uncovered:

As it so happens, when Rudy arrived at the groomers, he said he was there for CoCo — like, on her behalf. But there was some confusion. Instead of handing him BooBear, they gave him a different little white dog, also named CoCo.

And somehow Rudy failed to notice the mix-up, leaving both CoCos understandably confused.

Fortunately, having realized the error, Rudy was able to set things right. BooBear was soon back where he belongs, and the unwitting imposter pup, too.

BooBear and CoCo do look vaguely similar, so it's hard to blame Rudy for the little mistake. His wife certainly doesn't:

"Best husband ever!!!" CoCo (the human) wrote.