Shelter Worker In Dog Adoption Post Ends Up Getting More Attention Than The Pup

“Is Zac looking for a forever home too??”

Zackry Majewski and a husky named Sky both have ice-blue eyes, thick hair and lean muscles. But when City of Wichita Falls Animal Services posted a photo of the pair, hoping to get Sky adopted, people seemed more interested in the handsome shelter worker than the dog.

What Facebook commenters really wanted to know was whether Majewski was available. “Is Zac looking for a forever home too??” one commenter wrote on Facebook. “Is there actually a dog in this picture? I can't find it ...” another commented.

The unintended thirst trap was a result of animal control officer appreciation week. “We wanted to highlight them and also highlight a dog that we had available for adoption,” Nicki Bacon, an administrator at City of Wichita Falls Animal Services, told The Dodo.

Through a number of Facebook posts, the shelter highlighted one animal care officer and one dog in need of a home. Last Wednesday, it was Majewski’s turn to have his hard work recognized.

Hunky shelter worker goes viral
City of Wichita Falls Animal Services

He has a great compassion for the animals in our care,” the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services wrote on Facebook. “He is especially fond of huskies and can always be found snuggling with a puppy in the shelter. On his time off Zac enjoys hiking and listening to Country Music.”

Majewski even has a full arm tattoo devoted to his love of dogs.

Majewski started working at the shelter last October in a dual role as a kennel technician and animal control officer. “For about five weeks, he’s in the kennels helping to clean, feed, water and take the dogs out, play with them and care for the animals inside the shelter,” Bacon said. “And then for another five weeks, he’s out in the community, patrolling for any stray animals and taking calls for any cruelty cases we may have gotten.”

Majewski has always been passionate about animals and wants to become a Texas game warden one day. The excitement around Majewski has brought thousands of viewers to the shelter’s site, and Sky was quickly adopted. Since then, the shelter’s phones have been ringing nonstop.

Hot shelter worker loves puppies
City of Wichita Falls Animal Services

“Honestly, we did not expect it,” Bacon said. “When I first saw the post in the morning, it had gotten around 500 comments, and I brought him into the office and said, ‘I just wanted to let you know this is blowing up a little bit.’ And the next thing I know, it’s going into the thousands.”

“He thought it was pretty funny,” Bacon added. “He’s the most humble guy. He said, ‘I’m just glad that the dogs are getting attention.’”

Majewski hopes all the excitement can help shelter dogs still looking for a forever home. And he encourages people to go to the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services’ website to find themselves a new best friend.

And for those wondering, yes, he’s single.

To give a shelter dog a second chance at life, check out the pups available on the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services' website. To make a donation to the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services, you can call (940) 761-7834.