Stray Cat Brothers Refuse To Stop Hugging So They'll Be Adopted Together

“They’d wrap their arms around each other and just gaze with such love at me."

Simon and Sabastian had always been a bonded pair. One never went anywhere without the other, and that’s the way the two strays liked it. If only they could find a forever home and get off the streets together, they’d have it made.

Then, one day, their chance presented itself, and they weren’t about to let it get away.

Orange and black cat sit in box together.
Colleen Green

“My best friend bought a new home, and the very first week they moved in, a stray came up onto their porch and had kittens,” Colleen Green, Simon and Sabastian’s mom, told The Dodo. “[My sister] took them in and planned to find homes for them all. I’d go over to visit, and the little fluffy orange guy named Simon ... who had such a spunk.”

Despite Green’s initial idea of possibly rescuing one cat, the clever felines had a plan of their own.

Orange and black cat sleep together.
Colleen Green

“I’d go to visit Simon and when I’d pick him up, the shy, fluffy black one started jumping up into my arms along with Simon,” Green said. “They’d wrap their arms around each other and just gaze with such love at me. If I said anything, they’d move their little heads in tandem like they were one.”

The duo did the same thing every time Green came by.

Orange and black cat sleep on couch together.
Colleen Green

“I'd tell them, ‘I'm sorry, I can't take you both,’” she said. “Yeah, that worked.”

After a few of these incidents, Green gave in and took both cats home.

Orange and black cat sleep under covers together.
Colleen Green

Now, Green can’t imagine having only rescued one of the sweet kitties. The former strays were so close they never spent a night away from one another, and Green didn’t want to be the one to break them up.

“They were just so connected,” Green said. “I described them as night and day, complete opposites, yet they needed each other to be whole. When I had them neutered, the vet said they complained so much they had to break protocol and put them to recover in the same cage.”

Orange and black cat nap in box together.
Colleen Green

“They were a really special pair,” Green said. “[Loving them] was a very easy thing to do.”

Simon and Sabastian lived a long and happy life together. The two cuddle bugs hugged each other every day and were eternally grateful to have a safe home.

“When we lost Simon at the age of 16, I knew Sabastian wouldn’t let his brother leave without him. He passed less than a month later,” Green said. “I know wherever they are, they’re hugging.”