Huge Rescue Cow Demands Snuggles From Everyone He Meets

"He is wise, brave and extremely loving" ❤️

Chico is a cow known for his playfulness, but even the most playful creatures need a nap once in a while — and the luckiest ones get to pass out right on a friend’s shoulder.

Chico arrived at The Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary, after being saved from a slaughterhouse in 2017. He’s been a barn favorite ever since.

“Chico is remarkable!” The Gentle Barn Founder Ellie Laks told The Dodo. “He is the leader and tells the others what to do, protects them and gives his hugs out to all of us freely. He is wise, brave and extremely loving.”

According to Laks, when Chico first arrived, it was clear that he was in charge of the herd. When Chico went to the grass and woods, the other cows followed. Laks knew that if she wanted to gain the trust of all of them, she would first have to gain Chico’s trust. Luckily, it didn’t take long before Chico was eating out of her hand and letting her give him pets and hugs.

cow falling asleep
The Gentle Barn

“Chico is now extremely affectionate and will wrap his neck around me and others in a warm embrace,” Laks said.

Chico is independent, and during the wintertime he loves to run around in the snow. However, when playtime is over and Chico is tired, the big cow becomes an even bigger softy. That became quite clear when he fell asleep right on the shoulder of one of the volunteers.

man hugging cow
The Gentle Barn

According to Laks, once cows at the farm learn to trust humans, they become very loving and physical.

“Once they have healed, [they] learn to forgive, choose to trust us, lay down and allow us to cuddle them,” Laks said. “They cuddle us back by wrapping their necks around us or, in this case, put their heads on us.”

woman hugs cow
The Gentle Barn

These days, Chico can be found relaxing in the pasture with some of the other Gentle Barn cows in his family, including Johnny Cash, Eddie, Houdini and Roo.

At his new home, Chico has plenty of space to run around, and if he gets tired? Well, there are plenty of shoulders to nap on.

To sponsor Chico’s care, you can make a donation to The Gentle Barn.