Horse Steals The Show During Couple's Maternity Photo Shoot

“I said, ‘Well you could at least smile' — AND HE DID!”

Technically, it was a maternity photo shoot to celebrate Amanda and Phil's new little one on the way.

But clearly, someone else stole the show.

As part of the shoot, Amanda and Phil asked photographer Kristen Zaffiro to include their horses — they are, after all, part of the family. 

What they didn’t expect, however, was that one of the horses would insert himself into the photos so prominently.

But that’s exactly what Buckshot did.

Rather than linger in the background with the others, Buckshot happily sidled up alongside the happy couple as Zaffiro took photos.

“I said, ‘Well you could at least smile' — AND HE DID!” Zaffiro told The Dodo.

Boy, did he.

From there, things just kind of spiraled.

"When I laughed, he laughed," Zaffiro said. "So the more I laughed, the more he acted up!"

Did Buckshot's hamming it up make things a little awkward? Yes.

Mostly, though, it was hilarious.

The maternity shoot had pretty much become all about Buckshot — but nobody seemed to mind. In fact:

"Amanda and Phil loved all the pictures! When I looked through them, I laughed even harder than that day!" Zaffiro said.

If the joy captured in these photos is any indicator of things to come, the growing family's new arrival has plenty of fun and laughs to look forward to. Buckshot, no doubt, will make sure of that.