Horse Has Such A Sweet Reaction When He Gets His Very Own Concert

"[He] clearly wanted to be as close as possible” ❤️

As a therapy animal, this horse named Beau knows what it's like to make someone's day.

And recently the favor was returned to him.

Sam Slodowitz

Beau’s owner, Sam Slodowitz, shares a special bond with her horse — one that’s brought joy and comfort to her life. During therapy sessions with clients, Beau helps others feel the same. His warm, gentle spirit makes it easy.

“Beau is a healer,” Slodowitz told The Dodo. “He’s helped many people heal a lot of deep stuff.”

Considering how much happiness Beau brings to everyone he meets, Slodowitz wanted to do something special for him.

Slodowitz reached out to her friend Robin Parrish, a musician who sings and plays the handpan. She invited him to perform a song specially for Beau.

As you’ll see, Beau simply couldn’t get enough:

Beau couldn’t vocalize what he was feeling during the performance, but his actions spoke louder than words.

“Needless to say, it was an incredible experience,” Slodowitz said. “He loved it very much and clearly wanted to be as close as possible.”

Sam Slodowitz

For Slodowitz, the performance was not only a way to give back to Beau, but also a way to give people a glimpse of his sweet soul.

"I want people to recognize the depth of which the animals can feel and communicate," Slodowitz said. That's something she and her clients have greatly benefited from, thanks to Beau. "I think it was very profound for him to be on the receiving end of such beautiful healing."