Homeowners Hear Noises In Attic And Find A Tiny Family Living Above Their Heads

“We knew we were their only hope for survival.”

Late last year, homeowners in Plantation, Florida, started noticing strange noises coming from their attic. They began to investigate and soon found the source of the disturbance — four orphaned raccoon kits had been living above their heads. 

raccoon on roof
Facebook/South Florida Wildlife Center

Worried for the raccoons, the homeowners called South Florida Wildlife Center for help. As soon as the center got the call, they dispatched a rescuer to the scene.

“We knew we were their only hope for survival,” Carolina Montano, South Florida Wildlife Center director of outreach, told The Dodo.

raccoon on roof
Facebook/South Florida Wildlife Center

The experienced rescuer used a ladder to climb up to the roof. Then, he put each raccoon kit into a net, moved them back to the ground and placed them into the safety of an animal carrier.

“We reduced any potential stress by keeping everything calm and working quickly and efficiently,” Montano said.

raccoons in carrier
Facebook/South Florida Wildlife Center

Back at the wildlife center, the kits were given everything they needed to grow and thrive. After six months, rescuers could tell that the raccoons were ready to go back to the wild, where they belonged.

“They continued to develop properly and stayed healthy for the entire six months that they were in our care,” Montano said.

Facebook/South Florida Wildlife Center

Home again among the grass and trees, this little family is back to doing what they do best. Rescuers hope that wherever they are, they’re thriving.

“We hope they will continue to develop into healthy adults and continue to care for the ecosystem as an integral part of it,” Montano said.

To help other animals like these raccoons, make a donation to South Florida Wildlife Center.