Hikers Hear Strange Noise By A Creek And Find Someone Furry Giving Birth

They helped save four lives that day ❤️

Two hikers in California were out walking one afternoon in 2020 when they heard something odd coming from deep in the woods.

“There was a couple hiking, and they heard something down by the creek,” Thom McCallum told The Dodo. “They found this abandoned mama dog giving birth to tiny puppies.”

With no time to waste, McCallum, who fosters dogs through Hopalong Animal Rescue, was called to care for the mama, dubbed Ruby, and her three newborn puppies.

Mama pit bull sleeps with her litter of puppies

“She’s completely exhausted, she’s malnourished, she’s timid, she doesn’t trust me,” McCallum said of Ruby when he first picked her up.

After their ordeal in the wilderness, the newborn puppies were finally safe and warm. For the first few weeks of their lives, they didn’t want to do much else but sleep. During the puppies’ nap time, McCallum seized the opportunity to build a relationship with Ruby through gentle pets and games of fetch.

And after about a week, Ruby was beginning to warm up to her new situation. “Ruby is finally asleep in my lap, and my heart is so full,” McCallum wrote in an Instagram caption. “The end of such a lovely day I didn’t expect.”

Three weeks in, the puppies were wide awake and ready to play. McCallum began bringing the entire family outside, starting with walks and wheeling the puppies in a wagon, then moving on to more exciting outdoor adventures.

“After a bunch of walks, we were ready to play outside in the yard,” McCallum said. “Mama Ruby especially loves playing outside.”

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Around the two-month mark, Ruby decided that McCallum was not only her protector and co-parent, but officially her BFF.

“Ruby won’t leave my side,” McCallum said. “She goes everywhere I go. She’s really thriving now.” So, McCallum decided that Ruby was staying right where she was.


All three of Ruby’s puppies — Jax, Kirby and Tito — found loving families when they reached the age of adoption. And McCallum admitted he “foster failed” with Ruby, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“She loves it here,” he said. “I love being with her, and I think I’m the best home for her.”

Tito even lives next door to McCallum, meaning Ruby still gets frequent playdates with her puppy.

Foster dad snuggles pittie puppies

Ruby now gets to enjoy safe outdoor adventures and welcome new foster dogs, showing them the ropes on what it means to be happy and loved.

To follow along with McCallum and Ruby, check them out on Instagram.