High School Students Hear Tiny Screams Coming From A Hole In The Parking Lot

“We knew we had to act fast.”

Early last month, students and staff at Port Jefferson High School in New York were walking through the school’s parking lot when they heard something strange. Just above the schoolyard din, tiny screams seemed to be coming from below their feet.

They quickly realized that a little animal must be stuck in a sewage drain. Firemen arrived to open the drains, but found nothing. Luckily, someone knew to call local animal rescuer Frankie John Floridia, who rushed over with his partner, Eddie Stepinski.

Floridia and Stepinski installed traps and cameras in the sewage drain and, soon enough, they saw her — a little black cat far beneath the asphalt.

cat trapped in sewer
Frankie John Floridia

Floridia feared the situation was potentially dire — if any rain caused the sewer water levels to rise, it would be very bad news for the cat.

“We knew we had to act fast,” Floridia told The Dodo.

man looking into sewer
Frankie John Floridia

The team reset their traps and waited. Floridia’s daughter Shea listened closely for sounds of the cat crying. A short time later, they heard something miraculous — one of the traps had snapped shut. Within minutes, the kitten was safe above ground.

two men holding cat in cage
Frankie John Floridia

Floridia took the kitten to the vet, where she received necessary care and was assessed for illness. He named her Royal, after the Port Jefferson High School mascot.

Royal is living with Floridia until she’s strong enough to find her permanent family. Royal has already adjusted well to life above ground, and she’s so happy to have people looking out for her.

“She starts purring as soon as she sees me,” Floridia said. “She wants me to hold her and play with her.”

man holding black kitten
Frankie John Floridia

Though Royal’s story began in a dark place, thanks to the help of so many dedicated animal lovers, she’ll never have to feel trapped or alone again.

To help other animals like Royal, make a donation to support Floridia's rescue efforts here