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Giant Bird Is Convinced No One Can See Him Behind This Tree

So sneaky 🐦🌳

Greta De Schoenmacker was outside near her home in Belgium trying to snap some great photos of some little moorhens, when suddenly she spotted a heron. She shifted her focus from the moorhens to the majestic-looking heron, and went to snap a photo of him as well — but he quickly decided he had other plans. 

Before she could get her camera ready, the heron stepped behind a tree and was completely hidden … sort of. 

Herons' beaks are rather long, and unfortunately the skinny birch tree just wasn’t equipped to fully hide the heron the way he was hoping. Schoenmacker, however, got quite a laugh out of the whole thing. 

heron hiding
Greta De Schoenmacker

“To my great surprise, he hid behind a tree, and I quickly took a photo of it,” Schoenmacker told The Dodo. “Even greater was my surprise that he stood there for minutes until I moved and then he continued [on] his way.”

Whether the heron was actually intentionally hiding or not, he definitely lingered behind the tree for longer than Schoenmacker thought he would. His body lined up with the tree almost perfectly. His beak ... not so much.

Eventually, the not-so-sneaky heron continued on his way — perhaps off to find a hiding spot that would better suit his needs.

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