Hero Rooster Saves The Day When His Girlfriend Is Attacked By A Hawk

This is what bravery looks like.

Don’t you dare call this bird “chicken.”

Dramatic footage has emerged showing the moment a hawk arrived outside a farm’s chicken coop in search of an easy meal — and got anything but it. Although the chicken run area is protected by fencing, the bird of prey managed to enter through a small opening, setting his sights on an unsuspecting hen within.

But at the moment when all seemed lost for the hen, a feathered hero emerged and saved the day:

With a few kicks and pecks, the brave patriarch of the flock managed to save his mate — and send the unwanted guest packing in a flash.

And the chickens’ owner, who posted the video last month to YouTube, couldn’t be prouder of him for it, writing:

“My rooster did his job today by defending the hens from a hawk that slipped through a hole in my fence, which has now been patched.”