Hero Cat Protects His Little Brother From The Balcony Ledge

Best babysitter EVER 😻

Little kids are naturally curious and, if left up to their own devices, can get into quite a bit of trouble. But for one lucky toddler in Bucaramanga, Colombia, someone is always there to keep him safe: the family cat

Recently, the 1-year-old boy wanted to sneak a peek over his apartment balcony's railing. 

Perched nearby is his cat, looking out at the view. Unable to see what’s going on, the toddler decides to grab at the railing, attempting to hoist himself up on the ledge — but his cat babysitter knows better than to let this continue.

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When the toddler’s cat brother notices what he’s up to, he gently swats the little boy’s hand away from the railing. But that doesn’t stop the curious child from moving away from the cat and trying again.

The cat reaches over and unhooks the child’s hand from the railing, and throws his body in front of the ledge, blocking the little boy from going farther.

The entire interaction was caught on camera, who was watching nearby. Luckily, the child’s life was never really in danger due to the security mesh covering the balcony. But the brave cat certainly deserves the “best babysitter of the year” award.