Hawk Looks Up To The Sky And Realizes That He's Not Going To Win This Fight

His would-be prey was not alone.

The other day, Todd Whittekiend was driving near his home in California when he happened upon the scene of a life-or-death struggle between would-be predator and would-be prey.

There, on the sidewalk near a busy road, a red-tailed hawk stood poised with a crow in his grasp. The crow, seemingly overpowered by the hawk, looked to have stood little chance of surviving the attack. But lucky for her, she was not alone.

As Whittekiend looked on, more than a dozen other crows appeared — swarming and cawing at the sight of their companion in trouble. They’d come to intervene.

And, as video of the moment shows, those ebony-feathered heroes' reaction ultimately saved the day:

The hawk clearly had the upper hand in his conflict with the singular crow, but the presence of her flockmates — some of whom appeared willing to bravely dive-bomb the hawk — made him decide ultimately that it was a losing battle. He was spooked enough to release her from his grasp.

Afterward, the crow at the center of it all flew away, too, seeming to have survived the attack without serious injury.

Getty Images/AlexanderNovikov

The solidarity seen among these crows in protection of one of their own is characteristic of these intelligent and social birds. Crows are known to travel in large, close-knit groups consisting of both family members and friends — giving them safety in numbers against any outsiders who might do them harm.