Guy Walking Down Road Spots The Most Enormous Snake

She's huge 😲

Mateus Henrique was out for a walk near his home in Brazil the other day when he happened upon a jaw-dropping kind of roadblock.

There, stretching out before him, was an enormous anaconda.

“My reaction was one of surprise,” Henrique told The Dodo. “I did not expect to come across her there.”

Henrique was stunned to have crossed paths with such a massive snake. The massive snake, meanwhile, wasn't concerned in the slightest about him.

"She was very calm," Henrique said. "When she noticed my presence, she didn't care much and was very calm."

The snake just kept slithering her way across the road, even as Henrique got close.

Soon enough, the anaconda disappeared into the surrounding forest, bringing that fleeting glimpse at her epic size to a close.

But though Henrique had been momentarily delayed, he wouldn't have had it any other way.

"I was very happy to have the privilege of seeing her up close," he said. "For sure, this will stay in my memory forever."