Guy Stops Traffic To Protect An Enormous Snake Slithering Across The Road

"I wasn't scared ... she was beautiful."

A couple of weeks ago, Talian Barros was riding his motorcycle to work in Roraima, Brazil, when something in the path ahead caught his eye. He wasn’t sure what it was at first — though he could tell it was large.

“I thought it was a piece of wood or a tire,” Barros told The Dodo.

But it was actually something far more beautiful.

Talian Barros

Nearing the mystery obstacle, Barros came to learn the surprising truth as he slowed for a better look. It was actually an enormous anaconda, emerging from the surrounding brush to make her way across the road.

Fearing the giant snake might be run over, he parked his bike in the road to alert other drivers to stop as well.

“My concern was for the animal’s well-being,” Barros said. “It was kind of irresponsible [to stop in the road], but I don’t regret it.”

Barros, along with others he flagged to stop, then watched as the anaconda crossed the road free of peril.

After a few majestic moments, the anaconda completed her crossing — disappearing once again into the safety of the brush.

Talian Barros

The anaconda was estimated to be about 18 feet long — and, thanks to Barros watching out for her, she was protected from danger to keep on growing still.

Was she an imposing sight? Certainly. But Barros can’t help but feel lucky to have crossed her path.

“I wasn’t scared. In fact, I was euphoric, happy to be humbled by that animal,” he said. “She was beautiful — a gift.”