Guy Starts Work And Finds Someone Tiny Sleeping In His Headphones

"At first I thought it was a mouse.”

The morning started like any other workday for Reddit user Soulhacler. He turned on his PC and put on his headphones. That’s when he realized something was different — there was something furry in his ear.

A little animal had crawled into his headset overnight, figuring it was the perfect place to take a nap.

Man finds a bat in his headphones

The animal's fur blended in so well with his headphones that Soulhacler didn't even notice he was there.

“Its fur was really soft and felt like a cat's fur touching against your ear,” Soulhacler told The Dodo. “I really didn't know what it could have been, and when I looked, at first I thought it was a mouse.”


As Soulhacler examined his headset, he realized that the little animal was actually a bat.

“It must have come through the ceiling somehow — although it's a modern office,” Soulhacler said. “I learned that bats migrate, so it probably stopped for a rest and got into the office building.”


Soulhacler was surprisingly calm when it came to helping his new coworker. He allowed the little bat to wake up naturally and crawl around his desk a bit before guiding him into a cardboard box. Besides being a little dehydrated, the bat seemed healthy.

“I also learned that bats can't just take off like birds,” Soulhacler said. “To fly, it needs to take off from dangling downwards. They have to be at least 2 to 3 feet above the ground, on a tree or branch, to fall into flight.”


Soulhacler and his coworkers called nearby bat conservation organizations until they found one willing to take in the wayward bat. Soulhacler hadn’t planned on helping an animal that day, but the bat clearly chose the right headphones for his stopover.