Guy Shares The Funniest Theory About Birds That He Truly Believed As A Kid

He was even able to ‘prove’ it was true 😂

You reap what you sow — it’s a saying as old as time.

Want an apple tree? Plant some apple seeds. Prefer oranges? Just bury some orange seeds instead. The same holds true for grass, flowers, etc. That logic couldn’t be easier to follow, right?

Well, apparently not always.

A little while ago, Twitter user Grimm took to the platform to share a story from his childhood — one in which he, like many great naturalists before him, used his curious mind to suss out the origin of species. Specifically, where birds come from.

But Grimm, then just a tot, didn't merely posit a theory on the topic willy-nilly. He had the good sense to test it, too.

Grimm's parents were doubtful. But, sure enough, he was proven right. 

In Grimm's young mind, he'd done it.

He'd grown birds from bird seeds.


"When I tested it out and was 'proven' right, my parents tried to say I was wrong," Grimm told The Dodo. "I was extremely smug — probably the most smug I've ever been."

Grimm realized that, in his little kid hands, he now held the power to produce birds himself. He was unstoppable. Or so he thought.

Grimm was convinced of his theory for a few weeks. But then, some new observations cast doubt on it all.

"I think I left the bag [of bird seed] outside and saw a bird just sitting in the seeds, eating them, and figured it out," Grimm said. "Also my first-grade teacher told me I was wrong, and, unlike my parents, I never caught her lying to me."


Grimm has never forgotten his short-lived "bird seed" theory. He counts it among his dumbest childhood beliefs.

Yet, despite what was so clearly a childish misuse of logic, it seems his parents never got over the fact that they weren't quite able to refute it.

"My family hasn't spoken of it in at least 20 years," Grimm said. "At least not with me."