Guy Sees Dark Shadow Swimming In Pool And Runs To Investigate

Can you guess who it is? 🕵️‍♀️

Dave Delucia was outside when he noticed a shadowy figure swimming around in his customer's pool. In Florida, an unknown intruder in the pool could mean an alligator, but there are lots of other animals roaming around. A swimming shadow could mean anything — he just had to be brave enough to find out.

Delucia grabbed a net and got closer to try and help the intruder out …

… and discovered he wasn’t an alligator at all. Just a very large iguana.

A little relieved, Delucia was able to gently scoop the iguana up in a net and carry him over the fence, where he assumed he’d come from.

“The neighbor has alot of exotic fruit trees so his yard is a breeding ground,” Delucia wrote on TikTok. “They all hang out there [and] live there.”

The iguana was remarkably calm about the whole situation. It seems he fell from a tree while it was being trimmed and ended up in the pool. He didn’t seem fazed though, and once he realized someone had come to help him, he graciously accepted it.

Iguanas can hold their breathe underwater for quite a while, and leap great distances without getting hurt, so it’s easy to see how this guy got himself into the situation in the first place. Hopefully it doesn't happen again, but if it does, Delucia and other neighbors are happy to lend a hand.