Guy Out Hiking Spots An Abandoned Cat Hiding Behind Some Rocks

Jax chose him to be his dad ❤️️

Hinsel Scott frequently goes hiking near his home in Idaho, and his hikes often bring him to peaceful spots out in the middle of the wilderness. He was on one of his hikes in early March when he came across the last thing he expected to find among the rocks, trees and snow: a cat.

The cat, later named Jax, was huddled behind some rocks in a little cave, looking very confused. He watched Scott for a bit, observing him, and then made a very important decision.

Jax decided that this man was going to be his new dad.

Jax quickly began nuzzling Scott, informing him of his decision. Scott definitely hadn’t been planning on adopting a cat. He already had a dog at home and had no idea how a cat would fit into the equation. He knew he couldn’t leave the poor guy out in the middle of nowhere, though, as someone else seemingly had. The cat distribution system works in mysterious ways, and who was he to argue with it?

After who knows how long living out in the wilderness on his own, Jax finally had a home. His new dad hadn’t been sure about having a cat around at first, but it didn’t take long before the pair were the best of friends.

Scott brought Jax to the vet, where he was cleaned up and checked out, and considering he’d been living alone in the wilderness, he was surprisingly healthy. He was scanned for a chip and didn’t have one, which meant that, much to his delight, he was with Scott for good.

Now, after every hike, Scott comes home to his buddy, Jax, and he truly couldn’t be happier about it. Jax is always thrilled to see him and frequently falls asleep on his chest. He trusts his new dad more than anything, and it’s very clear that both Scott and Jax made the right call.