Guy On Balcony Has Awkward Encounter With His Neighbor’s Cat

It got weird 😅

Meeting a cat can go several different ways — from face-rubs on shins and friendly flops at the feet, to coy distant glances hinting that a pet or two just may, perchance, be permitted. Hisses and scratches are a possibility, too.

But then there’s how TikTok user @bennynazareth met his neighbor’s cat.

Their encounter took place while both stood out on the balconies of their homes in Milan, Italy. And, well, it was just plain awkward.

There’s no telling, of course, what exactly was going through the neighbor cat’s mind as she perched outside to soak up some sun, only to wind up having to share the moment with some stranger next door.

Admittedly, though, she didn’t seem particularly pleased.


It’s worth noting that, although @bennynazareth joked that the cat was “a stalker,” only one of them was filming the other that day, presumably without asking first.

That said, cats can be moody — and unafraid of letting their feelings be known.

Regardless, for the sake of peace, here’s hoping their icy, awkward relations will thaw. (Or, perhaps as the steely-eyed cat might suggest, her nosy neighbor could go ahead and find a new place to move to.)