Guy Moves Into New Apartment And Discovers It Comes With A Cat

"I'm obsessed" 😭

Moving into a new place can be a stressful ordeal — but one made a little less so by a warm reception from friendly new neighbors. In this case, however, the singular welcome committee did more than merely drop by to say hi.

Sofia Ajram took to Twitter this week to share the story of her brother’s recent move to a new apartment. Evidently, not long after arriving, he became acquainted with one of the building’s established residents.

It was an adorable orange cat — and he let himself right in.

Ajram’s brother came to learn that the cat belonged to a neighbor. Judging from the confidence with which he strolled in, though, it wasn’t the cat’s first time inside his place.

It would seem that the apartment’s previous occupant had a come-as-you-please arrangement with the cat, as it appears he considers it an extension of his own home.

The apartment came with a cat — and Ajram’s brother doesn’t have much of a say in the matter.

Fortunately, Ajram’s brother seems to have embraced the fact that he has to share his space with the cat, whose name he came to learn is Fermin. Ajram’s brother has been keeping his family updated on Fermin's comings and goings.

“We have a whole family group chat fawning over this cat,” Ajram tweeted.

Here’s Fermin again, this time examining the new furniture Ajram’s brother unknowingly moved in for their shared use.

Only time will tell where the story of Fermin and his human neighbor goes from here, but from the looks of it, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship — whether Ajram's brother likes it or not.

Turns out, Fermin is on Instagram! Keep up with his latest adventures by clicking here.