Guy Looks In Dumpster And Finds 10 Tiny Raccoons Inside

They really needed help 🙏

Robert Acton was making an early morning delivery in Bradenton, Florida, when he heard noises coming from a nearby dumpster. The truck driver peered inside and was shocked to see 10 pairs of little brown eyes looking back at him.

A family of baby raccoons had crawled in and gotten stuck. Their mom had taught them how to forage for food in the trash, but she hadn't been able to show them how to get out of the metal box.

Baby raccoons at night Campbell

“You should always be kind to Mother Nature, so I’m going to help these little guys,” Acton said in a video he took of the incident. "I'd hate to think of a compactor coming and throwing them in the back. That wouldn't be good."

At the sight of Acton, the curious babies stood on their back paws and looked up at him, as if asking for help.

Acton grabbed a wooden pallet and carefully lowered it into the dumpster. This created the perfect ladder for the raccoons to climb to safety. 

You can watch the adorable rescue here:

The raccoons quickly started filing out of the dumpster and wandering over to the fence and trees behind. An albino raccoon was one of the last to leave the dumpster, making the experience even more special.

But this wasn’t the first time Acton has come to the rescue. According to Fox35, he helped another group of raccoons trapped the same dumpster last week.

It’s a good reminder to always keep dumpster and trash can lids closed. You may just be saving a life.