Guy Is Surprised To Discover Why His Alarm Stopped Waking Him Up In The Morning

“I couldn't believe it.”

Recently, Alexandre Lima found himself in a bit of predicament, one that threatened to impact his livelihood. Despite setting the alarm clock on his phone to wake him in time for work in the morning, Lima kept on oversleeping.

“At first, I thought I was deactivating the alarm while I was asleep,” Lima told The Dodo.

But, turns out, it was someone else entirely.


After about a week of oversleeping due to the alarm not waking him, Lima uncovered the source of the problem which was causing him so much concern. It was actually his dog, Dory.

One morning, he stirred from sleep long enough to catch the furry culprit in the act.

“I woke up and saw Dory licking the phone,” Lima said. “I couldn't believe it.”

The pup had figured out how to silence Lima’s alarm all on her own:

Lima and his wife were stunned. They captured video of Dory’s surprising new ability on camera to explain the recent delays.

“I told my boss, showing him the video, and he thought it was very funny,” Lima said. “I’m glad I didn’t have worse problems, besides the embarrassment of having to explain myself.”

It was Dory’s fault. But Lima doesn’t hold it against her.


Rather than shutting off the alarm in order to get some extra sleep herself, Lima suspects Dory’s motives were far more adorable.

“She associated the alarm with us leaving the house,” Lima said. “Without the alarm, we would stay with her longer.”

For better or worse, Lima has since figured out a solution to the problem of Dory-caused oversleeping. He’s begun placing the phone on a shelf out of her reach.

Still, Lima has no hard feelings about his sweet pup’s efforts to derail his workdays.

“How could I begrudge her?” Lima said. “Just look at her face. She’s so proud of herself.”

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