Guy Hears Noises At 2 A.M. And Finds Confused Intruder Lurking In The Dark

“He kept looking away ... Like if he didn't look at me, he was safe and I didn't exist” 😂

Nathan and his partner were fast asleep in their home in Australia when they were suddenly woken up by some strange sounds. It was 2 in the morning, which is definitely not the most comforting time to hear unusual noises. As they sleepily looked around, they quickly realized that they were not alone.

“My first thought was there was someone in the room,” Nathan (who asked that his last name not be included) told The Dodo. “There was someone that had broken in and was watching us.”

hidden animal

An animal of some sort was lurking in the dark. The couple used their phones to shine some light around the room and were able to unmask the furry intruder: an Australian ringtail possum.

The possum seemed just as confused as the couple was as to how he ended up in their bedroom. He kept avoiding eye contact with Nathan, trying out the old “if I can’t you, then you can’t see me” technique, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

“He ran up the mirror and kept trying to climb higher,” Nathan said. “He kept looking away, ignoring me. Like if he didn't look at me, he was safe and I didn't exist.”

Australian ringtailed possum

The couple struggled for a bit to figure out how to get the possum safely outside again as he anxiously ran around their bedroom. Finally, he seemed to remember how he got inside in the first place and scurried out the window.

Nathan and his partner definitely hadn’t expected to have to deal with having a possum running around their bedroom at 2 in the morning, and it seemed the possum hadn’t really planned for it either. They enjoyed getting to meet their new friend — but will still probably keep their windows closed at night from now on.