Guy Hears His Cats Causing Trouble — But It's Someone Else Instead

“What’re you guys doing?”

When Luke thought he heard his cats playing and causing trouble in the kitchen, he decided to start recording to see if he could finally catch them in the act. He walked slowly into the kitchen, not wanting to scare them off, and asked, “What’re you guys doing?”

As his cats came into view, he noticed they were actually sitting outside the window, staring into the kitchen — and the animal in the kitchen was not one of his cats at all, but an Australian possum in the process of stealing some bananas.

The possum was very startled by the sudden arrival of someone else and started scurrying around the room, still clutching his coveted banana — but made no moves to actually leave yet. The cats just sat there watching the possum through the window and being entirely unhelpful.

Finally, the possum darted back towards the open window where he likely came in from and dove back outside. The whole situation was fast-paced and dramatic — for Luke and the possum, anyway. From start to finish, the cats were completely unbothered by the entire thing.

Apparently, cats don’t make great guard animals. Who would have guessed?