Guy Finds A Family Of Baby Bunnies While Shopping For Plants

Mama chose the "herbs and veggies" department ❤️️

A customer was looking at potato plants at a garden center in Chicago when they found one with a surprise inside. Nestled in a shallow burrow between the dirt and burlap, a little family of bunnies was sleeping peacefully.

The nest was lined with soft grasses and tufts of the mama rabbit's fur to keep her five babies cozy.

Bunnies found at garden center

“The sack plant was originally tucked underneath an outdoor table and was moved to an open spot near the entrance,” Zak, who asked that his last name not be included, told The Dodo. “My sister was the first employee to see them when a customer said to her, ‘You know there are bunnies in there, right?’”

From that moment on, Gethsemane Garden Center decided that the rabbit family owned that plant. 


They put the plant back in its original spot so the mama rabbit would have an easier time finding her babies, and made a sign that read: “Do not touch the basket below! Baby bunnies inside!”

Mama rabbits are very secretive and try not to lead predators to their nests. They typically only feed their babies at dawn and dusk. However, the employees of the garden center have spotted the mama sneaking back to nurse her babies.


“It has been nearly three weeks since they were originally found, and they are all doing great!” Zak said. “Some employees even saw the mama visiting them at some point.”

While the mama rabbit didn’t choose an ideal spot to raise her babies, the little family is growing up strong and has plenty to eat. Cottontail rabbits typically leave the nest at 2 to 3 weeks of age, so the babies will soon be departing to start their lives in the wild.

But, for now, the “herbs and veggies” department at the garden center has never been more popular.