Camera Reveals What Guy’s Dog And Cat Are Up To While He’s Away

Let the games begin 😂

Meet Otis the dog and his little brother, Blue the cat.

Here they are now, snuggling together peacefully on the couch — the perfect picture of interspecies harmony. But don’t be fooled by this moment of sweet repose.

Otis and Blue’s relationship is actually a bit more complicated.

Kristopher Alphonse

Recently, the pets’ owner, Kristopher Alphonse, decided to set up a camera inside his home to keep tabs on Otis and Blue while he’s away. Would they cozy up together, letting hours pass in the warmth of one another’s loving embrace?


Turns out, pretty much the moment after Alphonse leaves, things get wild. Checking the footage later on, this is what Alphonse saw:

“That whole video is a compilation of one morning when we left our home for work,” Alphonse told The Dodo. “Only 10 minutes after we left!”

Reviewing the video, it would appear that Blue is the main provocateur — pouncing and pawing at his brother, Otis, who, though clearly not one to turn down a play fight, would probably be content to simply nap in peace.

Sure, that wily kitten is a lot to put up with, but Otis still loves him regardless.

Kristopher Alphonse

It’s fair to say there’s never a dull moment while Otis and Blue's owners are away.

“Those are our boys,” Alphonse said. “We adore how much they have grown together, as Otis wasn’t fond of cats at first, but with lots of supervision and love, they became brothers quick. It’s nice to see neither is ever lonesome anymore.”