Guy Discovers That A Mama Robin Has Made A Nest In His Boot

Now he has the cutest little friendship with them ❤️

Moslem Baharam’s mom was doing a little spring cleaning when she wrapped her son’s winter boots in a plastic bag and placed them outside. 

She put the boots in a small tree in the garden to save space. But little did she know that those Timberland boots would soon become home to a family of robins.

Robins build a nest in man's boots
Moslem Baharam

“Robins have always been coming to our garden but never actually made a nest in it,” Baharam told The Dodo. “This was partly because the trees in our garden are quite small and don’t provide them with much shelter.”

In June, Baharam was out in the garden with his nephew when the little boy got his attention. He’d noticed a robin making several trips to the tree in the backyard, each time holding something in her mouth. Baharam checked the tree and was shocked when he found a clutch of tiny speckled eggs inside his old boots.

Robin's eggs in a Timbaland boot
Moslem Baharam

When Baharam checked the nest a few weeks later, he found four newly hatched chicks snuggled together. He was proud that his boot had provided the family with the shelter they'd needed to stay safe.

Baby birds live in a boot
Moslem Baharam

Soon after, London was hit hard by a storm, which shook the tree and destroyed the nest.

“I found them the next morning hiding in the flowers inside my garden,” Baharam said. “They still couldn't fly and I couldn't leave them outside as foxes or the neighboring cats would easily catch and eat them.”

Man saves baby birds after storm
Moslem Baharam

Baharam brought the birds into his home and began feeding them with a syringe during the night and leaving them in a box outside during the day, hoping the babies’ parents would find them and continue to care for them.

“I wasn't sure if the parents would actually feed them," Baharam said. “But ... it was as though the parents knew the chicks were in trouble and needed to be flexible in order to make things work."

Moslem Baharam

With the help of Baharam and their parents, the chicks grew quickly. And in late summer, Baharam’s mom released them back into the garden. 

Though many months have passed, the birds haven’t forgotten the kindness that Baharam and his family showed them, and still come by for a visit and a snack every morning.

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“The birds regularly come to the garden,” Baharam said. “The boots are still there and I am hoping they will return for their nest again next year."