Guy Decides To Open Box That Washed To Shore — And Ends Up Saving 7 Lives

"I felt relief knowing I could free them."

Every year, countless marine animas lose their lives due to pollution — like from ingesting plastics washed to sea, or by becoming entangled in improperly discarded fishing implements.

As an eco-activist and influencer under the name @trashcaulin, Caulin has made it his mission to clean up ocean debris he finds on beaches near his home in Florida.


“Growing up, people would tell me how much they love these beaches and how they love bringing their families here, but then I'd watch those same people leave litter everywhere and fly back home,” Caulin told The Dodo. “I wanted to raise awareness for the health of our beaches, and with that, my cleanup mission began!”

But by cleaning things up, Caulin doesn’t just save animals’ lives indirectly.


Recently, Caulin shared a video from one beach cleanup during which he spotted a box that had washed up in the surf.

He recognized the box as a wayward crab trap — and decided to take a closer look.

It’s a good thing that he did. That simple act ended up saving the lives of seven animals trapped inside.

“When I noticed the trapped crabs were still alive, I felt relief knowing I could free them. My focus then shifted to safely getting each crab free,” Caulin said.

The crabs, who otherwise would have likely starved to death, being unable to escape, were given new hope.


It’s not every day that Caulin’s work puts him face-to-face with the marine animals benefiting from his cleanup efforts. But it just goes to show that by thinking of the bigger picture, individual animals are actually being saved.

Just ask those lucky crabs.

“I hope they're all still safe and free,” Caulin said. “Knowing I gave those crabs a second chance feels right. “