Guy Sets Up Hidden Camera To Catch Dog’s Hilarious New Nighttime Routine

“I couldn’t stop laughing” 😂

Nala and her dad have been together since she was a puppy, and she’s always loved entertaining him with her sweet and sassy personality.

“Everyone says she is a human trapped in a dog’s body,” Chris Lindamood, Nala’s dad, told The Dodo.

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Chris Lindamood

Lindamood loves teaching Nala different commands and tricks, and she’s mastered a handful over the years. He tried to teach her how to do a trust fall a while back, but she didn’t really get it, so Lindamood abandoned the project and forgot about it. Then, a few months ago, Nala decided to pick up where they left off.

“One morning when I was laying in bed with her, she sat up and just flopped back without any warning,” Lindamood said. “I was shocked, but it also made me smile from ear to ear and I couldn’t stop laughing. She flopped and landed right next to me, so I lay there and cuddled with her for a while, laughing and smiling the whole time.”

Chris Lindamood

Nala’s dad had no idea what prompted her to pick up the trick so suddenly, but after she saw how happy it made her dad, she refused to stop. Each and every time Nala would flop backward into her dad’s arms, it brought him an endless amount of joy, and he wanted to find a way to share that joy with the rest of the world.

“Nala kept flopping at random times and so it was difficult to really set up my phone camera to be able to catch it on video,” Lindamood said. “Every time I thought she was about to do it, I would go and set up my camera and then she wouldn’t do it. So I knew I needed a camera to be constantly recording to catch the moments on video.”

Chris Lindamood

Lindamood set up a security camera in his bedroom — and sure enough, on one of the first nights, he got the perfect flop shot.

Now, the whole world gets to enjoy Nala’s flops, and everyone has been loving it. She continues to do her flop routine several times a week, sometimes at inconvenient moments, but her dad still wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chris Lindamood

“She even did it at 5 a.m. recently when I was sleeping, and it woke me up as she bonked me in the head,” Lindamood said. “I was completely surprised at first as I woke up, but then of course started laughing immediately once I realized what happened.”

Nala’s main goal in life is to bring her dad as much joy as he brings her, so as long as he keeps laughing and smiling, she’ll keep on flopping.

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