Guy Buys A Cabin In The Woods As A Retirement Home For His Dog

True love 😍💕🐶

Lorenzo met his dog, Myles, 13 years ago completely by accident, and that’s how he knows they were meant to be together. A local shelter used to take their dogs to the park on Fridays, and Lorenzo would always watch from afar, his heart breaking knowing that none of the dogs had loving homes. One afternoon, though, Lorenzo locked eyes with one of the dogs — and he knew he had to take him home. 

“I saw him and he saw me, and his ears went straight up,” Lorenzo (who asked that his last name not be included) told The Dodo. “I knew he chose me!” 

dog with cute ears

Ever since then, Lorenzo and Myles have been best friends. They love doing everything together, from hiking and swimming to napping together and playing with toys. Myles has always been such a happy dog and just loves being able to enjoy life with his dad by his side. 

dog and his dad go hiking

As Myles has gotten older, it’s become a lot harder for him to get around. Slowly, the diagnoses started to come in. Cataracts, arthritis, heart failure. Through it all, though, Myles was still enjoying life, just at a much slower pace. Lorenzo wanted to make Myles’ life as easy and comfortable as possible — so he decided to find the perfect “retirement home.” 

dad and dog go kayaking

“I had always told him I would give him land and retire him to the woods,” Lorenzo said. “I always figured by my mid-30s, I would have left the city. The pandemic really showed me what I value and that both he and I need to move towards a simpler life.”

dog sign
Lorenzo Buffa

Lorenzo found and bought the perfect cabin in the woods, named it “Camp Myles” and set about renovating it to make it into the perfect home for him, Myles and his two cats, Tofu and Mama. Now the whole little family is all settled in, and so far, everyone is absolutely loving cabin life — especially Myles. 

“I think [his favorite part is] both being lazy on the deck or porch and relaxing in nature, as well as roaming the property and going on walks,” Lorenzo said. “So much to smell, no cars, no sirens — it’s perfect for both of us!” 

dog and dad watching the sunset

Since moving, Myles has been responding incredibly well to his meds, new foods and all the fresh air that cabin life provides. He’s been there for his dad for 13 years now, and Lorenzo has vowed that in return, he’ll be with him until the very end.

“We are both so happy,” Lorenzo said.

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