Grouchy Cat Has Total Change Of Heart When Family Brings Home A Kitten

"Within a day she was grooming him and watching over him sleeping."

You wouldn’t think it to see them now, but there was once a time when Moose and Goose were something other than attached at the hip.

In fact, early on, their relationship was icy to say the least.


Recently, the cats' owners shared a sweet video showing just how far Goose and Moose have come since becoming acquainted. In the now-viral clip, posted to TikTok, Moose is shown encountering her new kitten sibling for the very first time — coming across as quite a grump in process.

At one point, Moose even hisses. Hardly a warm reception.

But then that all changed.

Had Moose's parents assumed their cat's first reaction was a sign they'd made a mistake in adopting Goose, their friendship might never have blossomed. Fortunately, they knew to take things slow — in line with expert advice on introducing an older cat to a new kitten.

And it all paid off.

"We honestly couldn’t believe how quickly she took to him!" Moose and Goose's owner wrote. "Within a day she was grooming him and watching over him sleeping."

For more Moose and Goose, you can check them out on Tiktok.