People Are Obsessed With This Great Dane Who Looks Like Batman

“Even though he looks imposing, he only wants to cuddle and play."

With his tall, pointy ears and hulking body, a Great Dane named Enzo looks just like the Caped Crusader. But while the 150-pound dog is big enough to make criminals cower in fear, he’d much rather cuddle than fight crime.
“He is very muscular for a Dane and his fur is very shiny,” Danny Lemay, Enzo’s dad, told The Dodo. “His pointy ears make him look like Batman.”

Dog looks like Batman

But his similarities to the Dark Knight don't stop there. Enzo is brave and active, just like his superhero counterpart. And he always makes sure to protect his own personal Gotham City — his family’s house in Quebec, Canada.
“Most of the time, Great Danes are known as fearful dogs. They don’t like the cold and are afraid of many things,” Lemay said. “Enzo’s more brave and courageous. He likes to impose himself, bark very loudly and guard the house.”

Great Dane looks like Batman

Enzo is far more loving than his lone wolf superhero look-alike and wants nothing more than to make friends with every person and animal he meets.

“Even though he looks imposing, he only wants to cuddle and play,” Lemay said. “He is a very sociable dog.”

Dog looks like Batman superhero

Thanks to his unique look, Enzo has become something of a local celebrity — but unlike Batman, he can’t transform into Bruce Wayne to avoid attention. Luckily, Enzo is always happy to greet his adoring fans and soak up the love.


“People stop us every time we walk him to cuddle and look at him or take pictures,” Lemay said. “Touristy spots should be avoided if you don’t want to deal with his popularity!”

Enzo might not be a superhero — but he's certainly a super dog.

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