Great Dane Deeply Regrets Messing With His Mom's Halloween Decorations

Halloween just isn't Brody's thing 🎃

Brody may be a Great Dane, but he still doesn’t understand just how big he is.

The 180-pound dog thinks he’s just a little pup, and that can get him into trouble. “He’s this massive horse of a dog that my kids love. He knocks my 10-year-old down all the time,” Barbara Nebenfuhr Hoffer, Brody’s neighbor, told The Dodo. “He’s very sweet and always in your face. He just wants to try and sit on your lap and slobber on you.”

Barbara Nebenfuhr Hoffer

Last year, Hoffer was over at Brody’s owner’s house when the big dog came out to say hi. Brody’s owner had just decorated her porch for Halloween, wrapping a large spiderweb across the front.

Brody, being the curious dog he is, decided to investigate the fluffy white stuff.

Dog gets tangled in spiderwebs
Barbara Nebenfuhr Hoffer

“We were sitting there talking, and I kept watching him stick his face into the spiderweb,” Hoffer said. “And he just kept walking in it and pushing it. I grabbed my camera because I thought, ‘Oh God, what is this dog going to do?’”

Brody assumed he was small enough to get out of the web, but the harder he tried to shed it ...

Dog destroys Halloween decorations
Barbara Nebenfuhr Hoffer

... the worse he got tangled.

Barbara Nebenfuhr Hoffer

“His whole face starts getting stuck in it, and he just kept walking through and trying to untangle himself,” Hoffer said. “He kept walking around the porch, which was just making it worse — pulling down the whole web.”

The web had taken hours to hang, but Brody managed to destroy it in a matter of minutes.

Barbara Nebenfuhr Hoffer

Brody finally got himself out of the web and left it in pieces on the ground. “Great Danes are very sweet, but they’re not necessarily known for their intelligence,” Hoffer said.

Brody’s mom has since forgiven him for destroying her Halloween decorations because, at least, she got a good, long laugh out of it.