Grateful Rescue Turkey Refuses To Stop Hugging The People Who Saved Her

"Turkeys deserve so much more than the world gives them ..."

Back in 2018, a friendly turkey named Shirley lived in a small backyard pen with two other turkeys, Tiny and Wonky. The three girls were suffering, cooped up and mistreated. They needed someone to notice them. In time, someone did.

“Thankfully, a kind person couldn’t stand seeing this neglect and stepped in,” Woodstock Farm Sanctuary social media coordinator Riki Higgins told The Dodo. “The person convinced Shirley’s caretaker to let her bring all three girls to safety at Woodstock Sanctuary. After getting the immediate care she needed, Shirley has been doing great ever since!”

Facebook/Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

In the years following her rescue, Shirley has often expressed her gratitude through ample shows of affection. Recently, feeling safe and loved, she couldn’t help but cuddle up to a sanctuary intern.

“Shirley likes to snuggle with staff that she likes,” Higgins said.

When she’s not busy cuddling with staff, Shirley can be heard chirping the day away and can be seen hanging with her pals at the sanctuary.

“Shirley is very talkative and attentive,” Higgins said. “She can be pretty moody, but if she trusts you, she will approach and spend time with you. She’s an active bird and spends lots of time with her chicken friends.”

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary staff know that Shirley, like any animal, is worthy of respect.

“Turkeys deserve so much more than the world gives them,” the sanctuary wrote in a Facebook post.

Luckily, Shirley will never have to worry about being alone or neglected ever again.

“She will always wake up knowing that she has food, water, a warm home [and] friends around here,” Higgins said. “[S]he is teaching other people about how wonderful turkeys are.”

To support animals like Shirley, make a donation to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.