Grandpa And His Rescue Kitten Give Adorable Lesson On How To Bathe A Baby

“I think he enjoyed it. They really get on well with each other" ❤️

Meet Lạc Lạc — a sweet little kitten who was rescued from the streets of Vietnam by Vinh Quang, his wife and his father.

Since then, Lạc Lạc has been the baby of the family. But that’s all about to change.

Vinh Quang

Quang and his wife are expecting their first child.

Though it’s new territory for them, Quang’s father — with Lạc Lạc’s kind assistance — is making sure the expectant parents aren’t caught unprepared.

Vinh Quang

The other day, Grandpa-to-be decided to give Quang and his wife a lesson on how to bathe their baby who’s on the way, with Lạc Lạc playing the part of his new sibling.

Here’s that moment on video:

The bathwater may have been imaginary, but the gentle doting that process entailed was not. In Grandpa’s caring hands, Lạc Lạc was in the lap of luxury.

“I think he enjoyed it. They really get on well with each other,” Quang told The Dodo. “My father took care of me and my sister when we were little so he's pretty experienced in this.”

The house will soon be abuzz when the newborn arrives. Until then, however, it’s all about Lạc Lạc.

Vinh Quang

Quang and his wife may be expecting their first child, but they already consider themselves bona fide parents.

“Lạc Lạc is our baby boy,” Quang said, adding that he’s eager to introduce his cat and Grandpa to the new little one on the way:

“I’m really happy I’ll have them by my baby’s side. My father is a very thoughtful and understanding person; he will teach my son useful life lessons. And I hope Lạc Lạc will develop in him a love for all living things.”