Gopher Finds A Friendly Dog Waiting For Him At The End Of His Tunnel

"Their interactions are so gentle and sweet."

For the luckiest of gophers, there's a special light at the end of the tunnel — and it comes in the form of the bright-coated pup named Fiona.

She's there to say hi.

Fiona is a Great Pyrenees who lives in San Francisco. Just about every day, she and her owner take a trip the park for a little fresh air — and to make a few new friends.

Somewhere along the way, Fiona came to learn that the holes she sometimes sees in the park are the work of local gophers. And that, if she waits long enough, one might just pop out to greet her.

"She does it quite often," Fiona's mom told The Dodo. "She thinks everyone wants to say hi to her."

Amazingly, the gophers Fiona meets actually do seem happy to find her there waiting for them.

"Their interactions are so gentle and sweet," Fiona's mom said.

Here's video of one such meeting:

Despite being much smaller than Fiona, the gophers seem totally unafraid of her — suggesting that are able to realize in a glance what her mom has always known to be true:

"She is just the sweetest dog."