Good Dog Insists On Helping Window Cleaner By Bringing Him A Toy

“He was thrilled that someone was outside our window.”

Tofu knows that when a guest comes to your home, it’s important to make them feel welcome.

So naturally, when he saw a window washer working outside his apartment on the 15th floor, he was quick to grab his favorite toy, perhaps hoping it might somehow aid the man’s window-cleaning efforts.

dog bringing window cleaner a toy

“He was thrilled that someone was outside our window,” Tofu’s mom, Rebekah Hartman, told The Dodo.

Hartman wasn’t surprised when Tofu literally jumped at the opportunity to make a new friend. The gregarious golden loves meeting new people and has been named “Pet of the Month” twice by his apartment complex.

When she saw her goofy boy’s wholehearted attempts to get his toy through the window pane, Hartman couldn’t help but record it.

You can watch that moment here:

“He loves meeting new people, as you can tell!” Hartman said.

The 4-year-old pup loves to fetch a gift and bring it to someone.“Every time I come home, even after taking the trash out for two minutes, he greets me [with something in his mouth],” Hartman said. “He usually grabs the first thing he sees.”

In this case, it was his favorite duck toy.

“[He] often falls asleep with a toy in his mouth,” Hartman said.

dog with ball in his mouth
Rebekah Hartman

So far, the window washer hasn’t been back. But Tofu is always ready.

As soon as the washer returns, he’ll surely be greeted with a toy and a wagging tail.

You can keep up with Tofu on Instagram.