Good Boy Teaches Little Sister To Howl For The First Time

“This was the first time we saw Marshall showing her how to howl.”

Marshall is a pro at howling and loves to show it off. And once his little sister, Lily Bell, came along, the 2-year-old Great Pyrenees had the perfect student to teach his ways.

Puppy stands on big brother's head
Michael Lohman

At just 3 months old, Lily’s learning so much from her big brother. The dachshund-mix rescue clearly looks up to Marshall, and when she recently saw him howling in the backyard, she immediately followed suit.

“This was the first time we saw Marshall showing her how to howl,” Michael Lohman, the dogs’ dad, told The Dodo. “Now, whenever the fire trucks leave the station, they stop where they are and howl together.”

You can watch the sweet moment here:

When Marshall isn’t making his presence known with his howls, the big dog is actually quite shy. Lohman said Marshall survived parvo during his puppyhood, and now he’s Lily Bell’s “polar bear” protector.

“Marshall sleeps and patrols the yard and he loves big, long hugs,” Lohman said. “When Marshall is ready to play, you may get squished.”

Two dogs howl together in the backyard
Michael Lohman

Lily Bell is also a big cuddler, and always looking to play with her big brother. “[Lily] likes to clamp onto the other's fur and get dragged around,” Lohman said. “She also has a bad habit of eating Marshall’s fur.”

Still, the young pup is very loved by her brother, and the two are growing closer each day — especially through howling.