Golfer Suddenly Gets Rushed By A Group Of Unexpected Onlookers

She wasn't expecting that 😂

The other day, golfer Wendy Powick was about to tee off at a course in Australia when she was suddenly faced with an unexpected sort of golf hazard. A hazard that hops.

Turns out, moments before Powick took her swing, a gang of curious locals decided to storm the fairway — bounding right toward her as a big, bouncy group. They then gathered briefly in front of the tee box, gazing at Powick as if to watch her take her shot.

No pressure, though!

Here's that moment on video:

Evidently, the kangaroos who gathered in front of Powick were golf fans. But it wasn't long before they all decided to hop away, allowing her to take her shot without getting in the way.

Powick hardly seemed to mind the interruption.

"Absolutely gold," she wrote in a post. "And only in Australia."